Baul Song:

Secure Shelter, which protects the family against its environment, is universally recognised as a basic right for all. Despite decades of research, many millions of low-income families remain at the mercy of winds, floods, earthquakes and other natural forces. Nowhere is this more so than in Bangladesh.

In this situation, it is important to find ways to communicate technical knowledge to the grassroots where it is needed most, and the Baul Song Video is an attempt to do so. ‘Bauls’ are traditional village singers that communicate spiritual and other messages to a large rural audience. This tradition was utilized to disseminate building for safety messages.

In the songs of Baul Song Video, several methods for making stronger rural houses have been suggested. It is anticipated that the proposed hazard-resistant technologies are appropriate, affordable and implementable by rural homeowners and craftpersons who are predominantly poor. The small extra cost that some of these techniques may involve is expected to be balanced by savings in the cost of rebuilding the house.

Approach adopted in this video may be suitably tailored in communicating important messages in various parts of the world.




Baul Song 1
Baul Song Narration
Baul Song 2
Baul Song 3